Day 25: 4 weird traits you have

I have come to really hate the word weird. My son, who’s at the mild end of the autism spectrum, has been characterized by many as weird. He is different. He is not mainstream in his thoughts and behaviors. He’s socially awkward and has a hard time relating to his peers. Frankly, he’s really kinda like a teenage boy but much more so. When I think of him, I find the adjective weird to be very hurtful and excluding. Being weird separates him from the world rather than making him stand out in it. He doesn’t want to be separate. He just doesn’t know how not to be.

But this isn’t about him. This prompt is supposed to be about me. That’s an even harder pill to swallow. I see a lot of me in my son which both worries and encourages me. I’ve managed to overcome a lot and have a full and rich life, so there’s hope for him. But at what cost? What odds did I beat? What color was/is my freak flag and how high did it once fly?

Weird and wacky me stuff:

  1. I have this foot thing. I love to have my feet rubbed. I love to get pedicures. I pick at my toes when I’m barefoot as a nervous habit. Then there’s that little shoe problem I have… You get the picture.
  2. I collect Royal Albert china. That is actually an incredible understatement. I am obsessed with Royal Albert china. I have nearly 450 pieces that I’ve collected over six and a half years. Yeah, I’ve got a problem.
  3. I binge watch Law & Order. No, really. It connects me to NYC during the time I lived there (I was there 1990-2008 and the show ran 1990-2010). I probably watch 2 episodes a day. Everyday. Thank God for the DVR!
  4. I love to knit, which isn’t weird. I also love yarn — again, not really weird. Unless, of course, you consider one thing I do when I choose yarn. I sniff it. I LOVE the smell of lanolin and wool! What a wonderful and comforting smell.

I’m sure that more time and thought would yield even more weirdness about me. We all have our own particular kink.