Three Years Later

I wrote this the day after my dad died on this date in 2013. The grief is a lighter load today, but it is still just under the surface.

Grief is a journey, not a destination

It is a slow walk through deep fog and heavy cloud

Its fingers cracked and worn

They enter me and grab onto my heart

Crushing it

I cannot see my way to the other side

But onward I must go

I will walk and I will crawl

I will run and I will fall backward

Only knowing I’ve reached grief’s end

Once I’ve left its clutches far behind

And I can see a clear sky once more

Yet, I know I will never forget the fog

Or the pain I knew and wore like an old heavy coat

I will feel the weight

Pressing down and crushing my bones

But that old friend grief cannot crush my memories of you

Or the hope that I will be caught up in the air with you

And tell you once again that I love you

Grief, you will try to take me and you will fail

Grief, where is thy sting? Death, where is thy victory?