Day 27: what you wore today

Ooh, I love clothes! I’ve always had a pretty eclectic sense of personal style, from the tailored to the tacky (think David Bowie’s Rebel Rebel). Right now, I’m in the process of cleaning out my closet and giving/throwing away a bunch of stuff. My wardrobe is hardly what anyone would call whittled down, but it has certainly been streamlined.

Since today was Sunday, I wore two outfits: one for church and another for after church. I like to get dressed up for church. Maybe that’s a remnant from my upbringing of “girls don’t wear pants to church” (I argued that point within an inch of my life, but some of it stuck). So, this morning I tried to put my best foot forward. I picked out a sweater I hadn’t worn in a couple of years — hunter green with a button up funnel neck — and a black pencil skirt. I wore black tights with my favorite black leather boots (flat soles and lots of funky straps and buckles). I also wore the Gucci watch I got as a present, a brass cuff bracelet, and long fringy gold earrings. I never wear makeup and today was no exception to that rule. I did, however, break out the leather gloves I almost never wear. I really put in some effort.

Right now, I’m wearing the outfit I changed into when I came home and started cleaning bathrooms: blue joggers, and black t-shirt that says “Keep staring… I might Do a Trick”, and an oversized grey Oberlin College sweatshirt with all the ribbing cut off (a la Flashdance).

Just like I said, from the tailored to the tacky. Fashion to Rebel Rebel. Still me, whatever the style.