Sick of Getting Trumped

I shared this as a Facebook status update earlier tonight, after watching the third Presidential debate.

Mr. Trump, the only hell I anticipate living in would be the years of your administration, should you actually (God forbid) win the election.

Here it is:

Okay. I’m done.

Donald, I’m a black woman who grew up in the ghetto. Let me school your dumb ass:
I’m not poor.
I’ve never been shot, let alone killed, walking down the street– and I lived in both Philadelphia and New York.
I have a bachelors degree from Oberlin and a masters degree from Juilliard. I graduated from both with A averages. My daddy didn’t get me in by writing a big fucking check. I earned my education and I am, unlike you, well-educated and articulate.
There ain’t a damn thing you can or will do for me or any other black person in this country. You don’t know us or what we need — and you don’t care.
You, the animal that died on your head, and your bullying privileged white supremacist ass need to take several seats. And staple your mouth shut.
To quote Stevie, we are amazed but not amused by all the things you say that you’ll do. But when it all comes down…
<drops mic>


Author: violamom2

I'm a musician, wife, mom of two amazing kids, teacher, writer, knitter, diversity advocate, and budding entrepreneur. Not bad for 52, huh?

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